Bio: I am a forever truth-seeker, I believe that living a happy and positive life in harmony with each other and our surroundings on Earth and within the Universe is possible if our actions are guided by love and based on the universal Truth. Going with the flow and not against it, listening to our inner guiding Self, following our hearts and our own biological and Earth's circadian rhythms; we can manifest the life our hearts desire. I believe that a combination of a predominantly plant based diet, exercise, daily exposure to sun and fresh air, conscious music and a little time spent in solitude contribute to an all-over wellbeing of the mind, body and soul which allow us to discover our creativity to dedicate ourselves to the things we enjoy doing. I was born in Hungary and grew up in Australia, lived in the UK and currently in Spain, I am driven by adventure and my inquisitive nature to discover this planet! With passion for wholistic health I share and incorporate my ideas and experience in my teaching and everyday interaction with people. I am motivated by learning new things and concepts and by assisting those who want to discover and improve their physical and spiritual health. My two passions are languages and music, I am a language teacher and produce music and acquired a well-rounded and profound understanding of health and well-being. I believe in natural and pure living without harming the environment despite the ways our current civilization is using and managing its resources. It is all about re-programming our minds and our Selves and manifest collectively a positive and healthy world.

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